thepillarmedia | What are the Factors to be Considered while Web Designing?

Dec 11, 2021

The following are the major things that you need to consider while you are developing a website.

  1. Navigation – Navigation is one of the most important factors to consider when creating your website. Traditional navigation may consist of text links, dropdown menus, tabs, slide-out panels, etc. But this technique may not work for all types of websites. You can also go with the hybrid type which contains floating buttons for traditional navigation and an additional tab on top of each page to quickly switch between pages.
  2. Responsiveness – Your website needs to be responsive enough in order to provide an optimal viewing experience on different screens sizes and resolutions.
  3. Page Layouts – The next thing to consider is the layout of your website. There are several types of layouts available for you to use, such as boxed or full-width layouts, symmetrical or asymmetrical balance, single or dual column layouts, etc.
  4. Typography – Web designing is incomplete without incorporating the right choice of typography. Make sure that it is readable and contributes to the overall aesthetic look of the website.
  5. Quality Content – A good web design may grab lots of eyeballs but it’s content that will keep them on your website for a long time. So make sure you have quality content that fulfills all their needs and answers any questions they may have on your product/service.
  6. Images & Videos – Fast-loading images and videos can engage visitors, enhance your brand image, and explain the purpose of a feature/service.
  7. Usability – A good web designer pays special attention to the navigation and layout of the website which is backed up by user-friendly features such as FAQs, customer testimonials, etc.
  8. Plans for Future Enhancements – Your design should be future-friendly and allow room for easy updates without disrupting its visual appeal every time you make those changes.
  9. Mobile User Experience (UX) – A mobile responsive site has become mandatory these days as most people prefer browsing websites on their phones. Allowing users to view your site on different devices with ease is an important factor to consider while you are designing a website.

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