Business websites are demanding when it comes to fresh content. The demand curve is at its pinnacle when coming up with a new website. If a greater part of your marketing campaigns relies upon inbound traffic to your website, then content has an even important place in your inbound marketing efforts. And just any content cuts in. You need fresh content and at a regular interval, particularly if you’re already invested into search engine optimization. 


Search engines such as Google and Bing can be a reliable source of traffic if your SEO strategies are in place. And what is at center of every SEO strategy? As they say, “content is king” and search engines need fresh content to keep their audience keep coming. If you could become the source of fresh content, search engines will love to place you at top of their search results, which will boost your traffic on your website and, ultimately, business conversions.


The problem is writing content is a time-consuming job and you have to invest a considerable amount of your daily schedule to create quality content. When somebody lands on your website regardless of the source, they expect fresh, unique content that serves their purpose and add value to their time. Not everybody is qualified and experienced to fulfil the expectations every time.


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