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A full-service digital marketing agency, The Pillar Media enriches brands through powerful storytelling, compelling social media, strategic search engine optimization, and smart web development. We strive to design experiences that connect, build strategies that reflect, find approaches that resonate, and bring-in people that matter.

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Our Story

Like every other start-up, we’ve faced our fair share of challenges and learned a lot along the way. When we started out in 2013, social media was in its nascent stages and SEO was still an emerging field. We quickly realized the potential of these channels and started building our capabilities in these areas. We became early adopters of these digital channels and made them part of our core service offerings. Since then, we’ve grown into a full-service agency with an award-winning team that today processes close to 2 billion impressions on social media and ranks for more than 10,000 keywords in search engines.

But our story is not just about numbers and awards. It is about helping brands connect with their customers and telling their stories in a way that engages and resonates. We believe that digital media offers an incredible opportunity to do this at a scale that was not possible before. And we are passionate about using this medium to help brands reach their full potential.

Our Journey


2013 – The Pillar Media is founded.


2014 – The Pillar Media becomes an early adopter of social media marketing and starts building its capabilities in this area.


2015 – The Pillar Media ranks for more than 10,000 keywords in search engines and starts helping brands reach their full potential with digital media.


2016 – The Pillar Media wins multiple awards for its work.


2017 – The Pillar Media’s capabilities in social media marketing, web development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) continues to grow.


2019 – The Pillar Media becomes a full-service digital marketing agency.


2020 – The Pillar Media started taking on clients in new markets such as e-commerce, automotive & banking.

  • Awards

Best Social Media Agency – 2017

Best Use of Facebook Advertising – 2018

Best SEO Agency – 2019

  • Our Approach

Awareness is based on a three-part process: ignite, engage, and encourage. We start with awareness because it’s the only way to establish a strong foundation for your business. Whether you’re looking for brand visibility or increased sales, we have the tools and expertise to deliver results that give you an edge over your competition.

We ignite interest by using engaging content on your social media channels, blogs, e-newsletters, and across other digital channels. We encourage interaction with content that is relevant to your target audience’s interests while educating your prospects about your business.

The Pillar Media is made up of talented individuals whose passion for their work translates into the results we deliver for our clients. We’re a passionate, hard-working, and fun group of people who love what we do.

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  • Why Us

Over the years, The Pillar Media has helped over 200+ businesses grow their online presence by developing websites with conversion-oriented designs, crafting engaging content for blogs and social media channels, utilizing SEO strategies to drive organic traffic, increasing leads with paid advertising campaigns on Facebook ads or Google AdWords campaigns.

Choosing us as your digital partner will give you an edge over your competition, as we are one of the few agencies that offer a 360-degree solution for all your digital marketing needs. Our approach is based on creating awareness and igniting interest among your target audience, engaging them with relevant content, and encouraging them to take action. This three-part strategy has been proven to work time and time again, and we are confident that it will help your business grow.